Hey! Currently live in Leeds but looking to potentially move to Ely to be closer to friends and family (most live within 1 hour in different directions) wondering how people find the area and whether there are many baby related things to do. Aiming to move when bubba is a few months old
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So many baby/toddler groups, lots for little ones to do in and around Ely 💙 I have two sons and I nanny locally, always manage to find things to do with the little ones 🥰

If you drive, you should be okay regardless of whether you're in ely itself or a village. If you don't drive, I'd advise looking into the bus services to see where you can get... When I didn't drive, I couldn't actually commute anywhere to go to clubs and things.. however, driving, it's not an issue at all. I think whether or not you drive greatly affects this and whether or not you've narrowed down either a village or ely itself... I originally grew up in Essex, moved here at 18 and I can say transport is definitely severely lacking in comparison xx

I love it here - loads of baby groups and things for little ones to do, some lovely parks and a couple are by the river and have a soft play near by too

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