Whooping Cough Vaccine

I had the whooping cough vaccine at 20 weeks but I’ve just found out now (26 weeks) that my boyfriend never had it as a baby and has refused to have it now. I’m not sure what I can actually do as it’s his choice but now I’m worried of the risks when baby girl arrives! Anyone been in this situation or got any ideas that might help?😩
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I’ve never heard that your partner has to have it too? xx

@Abi it’s only because he’s never been vaccinated against it, his mum never had it when she was pregnant with him and he also never had it as a baby xx

Not much you can do if he doesn’t want to have it. Also, if he’s not high risk not sure if they would vaccinate him. The main thing is you’ve had the vaccine and the antibodies will be passed onto baby to protect her in the future from any potential carriers (including your boyfriend) 😊x

It doesn't make any difference if he'd had it or not. As long as you've been vaccinated and your baby does then that's all that matters. His vaccination history doesn't make a difference to you or your unborn child. Just like any vacine, it only protects the person its given to, not others in the household 😊

In the US it is quite common for anyone seeing the baby early on to re get the vaccine. My husband and in laws did it. They were the only people to see the baby before 8 weeks. My parents always wore a mask around the baby, because they didn't get the vaccine. NHS wouldn't give it to them. It is about your level of comfort, and your baby is vulnerable and something like whooping cough is serious

Whooping cough is one of those disorders which for some reason the vaccine protection wears off after a couple of years anyways (which is why we repeat it in pregnancy, most vaccines protect us for life if you had them with all the recommended boosters), so it wont make much difference if he had it as a child or not. You've done the best thing to protect the baby by getting it as now the baby will have the antibodies to fight it off - they pass through the placenta when our body makes them 🥰 I dont know what your plans are for feeding but our breastmilk will also have antibodies to pass on so trying breastfeeding, even just expressed colostrum can help protect the little ones for longer 😊

I haven’t got the whooping cough when I was a child, nether on my first pregnancy neither in this second one. No one in my family has it (we are 3 sisters with children) and we all fine! I live in London btw. I will say eat healthy avoid antibiotics and breastfeed your baby, you are gonna be just fine.

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