Over due mamas!

Moms who delivered AFTER their due date… when did you deliver? Were you able to do it naturally? I am 40+5 and REALLY wanna go naturally. We will only schedule induction at 42 weeks unless medically necessary. I just wanna hear positive stories of overdue mamas who went into labor naturally!
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I went into spontaneous labor after my due date. I did it naturally and I’m glad I did. I think as long as your amniotic fluid levels are good you should go as long as possible!

I went to 42 weeks! Decided to go In for induction waters went during sweep so went home and laboured there until o was ready to go back in. If I’m lucky enough to have a second I’d even wait a few days over 42 weeks if I went that far again. You’ve got this!! Due date is an estimate! Trust your baby and your body x

Thank y’all! We are planning a home birth so I really really don’t want to induce as that would be a TOTAL shift in our plans. I just wanna make sure baby is ok is my biggest thing! He’s measuring a week ahead so just hoping he will pop out soon!

I got induced due to medical reasons at 41 weeks, god knows when I’d of gone naturally because she was not budging, it ended in an emergency C because of how she was lay!

40+3 went into labour naturally 😁

I had 3 sweeps and went into labour naturally the night before I was due an induction! Gave birth at 41+5 😊

My induction was set for 41 weeks. I had a sweep in the afternoon of 40+5 and contractions started that night. Then 5 hours after they started my LG made her appearance at 40+6 (3:39am) I'm glad it was natural and not induced. I hear it can take longer

I went to 41+3 and then went into spontaneous labour with an induction booked for the next day. I was going to ask if I could push my induction by a couple of days if I hadn’t gone into labour as I was happy waiting and my wee one was doing well. I’m so relieved I went spontaneously as from getting to the hospital to her arriving was only 3 hours 😅 If I do have a second I will be waiting it out again unless there’s medical reasons not to!

I was at 40+4 and had a sweep in the afternoon ..went into labour a few hours later! LG came the next day!

Had baby at 42+3days!! occurred naturally. We planned on inducing labor with castor oil/evening primrose. Had dr appointment day before I was supposed to deliver. Was only 2cm dialated so they sent me back. When I did go into labor was only 8hrs before baby came🫣🥰

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