No horror story’s please has anyone one had 2 inductions if so how was your second one did they come faster ect ? My first I went in around 10am and was took to labour ward and got started pretty much right away he was born 8 that night , this one booked for 3pm which feels so late hopeing I still get meet him that day and don’t go in to Monday / Tuesday
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I’ve had 3 inductions. First one took 9 hours total (gel and hormone drip) second one took longer 22 hours only needed the gel but overall a better experience. Third was a 24 hour pessady inserted 9am baby was born the following 2am. Good luck xx

@Amanda that’s odd I asked about the pessady and she said because it’s my 3rd I won’t need that it would only be the drip or tablet 🤷‍♀️, I guess it all depends on baby how quick they come with my 2nd I just had the drip will just have to see 💙

I’m in Wales so probably different protocol in different areas.xx

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