Oral thrush

Hi! Has anyone’s babies had oral thrush before and did your baby find it painful to feed? We picked my baby up from nursery this evening and the nurse mentioned she has noticed white spots on babies tongue and roof of mouth and has been really irritated. This evening he’s just screamed the house down and the only thing to soothe him was miss Rachel with a cuddle. I’ve just given him his bedtime bottle and he was screaming on it like he was in pain. I’m taking him the drs tomorrow but does this sound like oral thrush?
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Also noticed he has a few spots on his face but he seems to be rubbing at his mouth. Could it potentially be chicken pox or hand foot and mouth?

Hey! So my babe has been getting white lips. I thought was thrush but it’s not always really apparent and I know thrush can’t be wiped away or anything. I wonder if it’s to do with jabs as medication can give you oral thrush. The spots could also be a side effect of the jabs if he has them. I’d see your GP for peace of mind. Pharmacist can also tell you if oral thrush xx

Thanks so much lovely! Took him the drs and it’s oral thrush and a little infection ontop of that, took him out of nursery and he’s acting right as rain now! Typical! Xx

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