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Hi mamas! Does anyone here have a LO with reflux issue? Can you tell me what the symptoms are and what you did to fix it or it got fixed on its own?
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I wouldn’t say it was fixed but it improved and I continue to do things to help my baby to feel better. Lots of different things like put the cot slightly in an angle 📐 so it’s not completely flat, got special Reflux formula (more expensive but worth it), feeding my baby sitting upright, having her on my shoulders before put her down to sleep (if she lets me) at least 20-30 min.

@Claudia Was she diagnosed or you just decided to switch the formula?

My little one has had it sjnce she was about 2 weeks old , she would squirm during a bottle , splutter and cough and hiccups often, she would also have spit ups a lot for up to 2/3 hours after a bottle and would also have larger spews! We tried carobel which didnt work she was still being sick then we were prescribed gaviscon infant with lactoluse as it made her very constipated but now shes so much better , still has small spit ups but isnt unsettled after a feed at all anymore

We decided because she was barely sleeping during night time and nothing during the day. Arching her back and spitting out immediately and after 2-3 hours she had breastmilk. We added formula starting from one bottle a day and after that test she just changed for better and then we swapped to just reflux formula to stop the vomiting and that just made the difference. Changed from breastmilk to formula at 7 weeks don’t know why I took so long, I’m guessing part of me was trying to make breastfeeding the main thing but have no regrets since we want the best for ours babies. Now she is almost 3 months, sleeping 8 hours at night a few short naps during the day. She keeps arching her back but that’s it. She is 180ml and we do 6 to 7 bottles a day. Wearing size 000 atm but about to change to 00.

@Jordan Did it resolve on its own?

No shes still on gaviscon and is 3 months old but it peaks at 4 months thrn gets better

My little one has it, she will squirm during a bottle, splutter, cough, really congested, hiccups, and she would also have large vomits after a feed and would still spit up up to 2/3 hours after a bottle! She was also really colicky and really unsettles with her tummy. We were prescribed gaviscon infant and lactoluse as it made her very constipated. I also did baby massage. I pace feed her whilst she's sitting yp and keep.hwr uprigjt for 15 -20 mins after a feed. She's now 10 weeks and much better. She still has small spit ups but isn't as unsettled after a fed anymore, and lots of her symptoms have gone. We forgot the gaviscon once, and all her symptoms came back, so it definitely helps her. It apparently gets better at about 4 months as their tummy and gut matures. Xx

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