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Hello 👋🏻 I’m currently 25 weeks pregnant and I’m in absolutely agony on a daily basis with awful back pain. I work in a nursery so I’m on my feet quite a lot and lifting regularly etc. It’s getting so painful and the only thing that seems to help is laying flat on my back which I obviously can’t do at work🙈 Any advice would be appreciated🤞🏻
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25 weeks today & have the worst back pain😭 getting a pregnancy support belt really helped me & warm baths 🫶🏽

Have you tried any yoga? Or pelvic floor physio really helped me with my back x

Hot water bottles! They saved me with my hip pain during pregnancy. I know you can't have one around the kids (I used to work in child care) but you can use heat patches. You can grab some from Poundland to try to see if they help. A hot bath at the end of the day if you have one will also help

Epsom salts in your bath and also look up stretches and exercises for leg and back pain in pregnancy. These were the only two things that helped me. I did the exercises before bed each night, whilst in bed, to stop the restless legs and overtiredness from it. If it helps what I did and found helped were 10 clam exercises on each leg, 10 leg raises on each leg, 10 bent knee leg raises on each leg and 10 ankle rotations each foot, both directions. You can do them all lied on your side. If you can take early may leave from 36 weeks I’d advise it x


Pregnancy belt helps

Belly tape or band while being active!!

I bought a babygo pregnancy support belt on Vinted and it’s been an absolute lifesaver for my back when I’m on my feet all day. X

I’ve experienced the exact same (nursery worker and agony with my back) and posted a few times something similar to this actually! I’m going to be completely honest it became so bad for me and I had hardly any support (I was on my knees dealing with a difficult child at 30 weeks pregnant whilst everyone watched) that I had to take mat leave from 32 weeks which isn’t something I wanted to do but felt like I had no choice in the end… but since finishing work I’ve had back ache yes but not absolutely agony anymore and it’s such a relief! Obviously it depends how supportive your work place are but just wanted to share my experience cause you’re not alone!

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