Does my toddler need vitamins. She won't take them at all.
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Depends on her diet. I use liquid vitamins for mine.

I think it would depend a lot on her diet and how well she eats, and she variety she eats. If she's getting enough protein/Iron and eats a lot of fruits and vegetables shed probably be okay without, but if she's a picky eater it'd be good for her to have them

I put drops in her food, she has no idea.

I put the full serving of vitamins in her morning oatmeal. I know she’ll eat it all and it gives me peace of mind for the days she only wants snacks

I’ve been using vitamin drops from 12 months old because he refused to drink bottles of cows milk after coming off formula.

i just use the well baby liquid ones or the nature aid multi vitamin drops in her bed time bottle xx

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