Stretch Mark Pics! ❤

Okay, I know a lot of people can be insecure about the stretch marks and even though I'm proud of mine, I get quite funny thinking about how I'm gonna look in certain clothes. But I'm gonna tattoo over them after I've had my daughter so that they will always be there, whether they fade or not, and make them colourful and fun so that I can always look at them and go "I gave life for this. Be proud". I'm not gonna cover them up, I'm gonna make them bright and obvious so everyone will always know how proud I am to have gone through this and to be a mother❤❤ So everyone, stand with me so I know I'm not alone. If you wish, comment a picture of your stretch marks, during or after pregnancy, a lot or just a little, stomach or hips. Anywhere. Please, show me your pregnancy battle scars and help give me, yourself, and others, the confidence we all should have in them! ❤❤
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All beautiful❤❤

@Sam Awww


I don't really post pics of myself online but I have stretch marks all over my breasts. Not my stomach only a little under my belly button

@Fun Mama love this lol

@Katherine I have a bunch around the top and sides of my boobs. They did a lot of work too lol

I don't have pics from when I was that far along that really showcase mine, but I had a lot! Even on my pubic mound. 2 years out they aren't very visible anymore, they look more like texture

@Jessica I have them below the underwear line too. I never even thought they could get that far until this haha

@Abi I didn't know either! 🤷‍♀️

So proud🥰

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