Toddler fussy eater

Really struggling with lunch and dinner times for my toddler. I eat at the same time and dinner I do the same thing. Growing up it was very much you eat or go hungry and I don't use that approach with my son but if he had it his way it would be rice, pasta, pizza, chips, eggs, baked beans, spaghetti hoops, mac and cheese. Or for lunch anything banana or above foods. I offer him what I eat and he just doesn't want it. What do I do?
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I’ve been going through the same with my little boy he used to eat amazing. Now he won’t try and fruit or veg. I’ve been told to put the thing he won’t try with something he likes so I’ve been doing that x

I had to resort to bribery in a way.. introduced ice lollies.. if they don't even do 2 spoons of the healthy stuff.. no lolly.. and if they manage a whole week like this they get a special treat on Saturday. Anyway I was a fussy eater until I was 12. My dad had to separate all my food with a prison style platter.

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