Vaginal progesterone?

Does anyone have any vaginal progesterone experience? What is it like? My OB prescribed me this to take as soon as I get a positive test 😄 I’m a little nervous though, I genuinely thought it was a vaccine/shot lol
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I got a prescription for this as well. I was so confused lol So mine were pills I got from the pharmacy. They completely look like ones you'd take orally. (I'm sure you can but they're not absorbed the same way). Anyway you just insert it vaginally and that's about it. I usually made sure I emptied my bladder beforehand and just hung out for awhile laying down so it had time to dissolve.

I took it before and after my iui for my twins. It made things sticky and a significant about of discharge. Bath extra and change panties use pantliners several changes a day. I think it worked because I have twins now. Wasn't the nicest experience though

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