I have an induction booked in a couple of weeks. Will be partner be able to stay with me or does he have to go home each night if the induction takes longer than 24 hours? I am consultant led so won’t be in the birthing suite, not sure if this makes a difference.
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i think this depends on your hospital and their protocol. my hospital doesn’t allow staying after 8pm unless in active labour but i’ve heard that some people have been allowed to stay 24 hours in other areas!

When I got induced last year my partner had to leave at 9, got called back at half 4 when I went into labour. X

Depends on your hospital, for me my husband is allowed on the induction ward 8-8 but then if I go into labour overnight he'd be called back in xx

My husband was allowed to stay throughout my inductions, and my first took from Wednesday - Saturday!

I was induced just over a week ago and he got to stay the entire way through, Friday to having her Sunday until Tuesday when we got discharged x

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