Anti-Reflux & Regurgitation Formula

Hi all, Recently I made a post regarding my little one and the amount/frequency she vomits in a day. Had a lot of helpful feedback, but someone mentioned to try her on anti reflux formula. I’ve bought 2 weeks worth (because she is a hungry girl) but I’ve just got them and read the packaging (should have researched first I know lol) and it says it’s more for managing weight?? Or am I reading it wrong? I currently have no concerns about my baby’s weight, she’s very healthy, but I was just under the impression that this milk would help her keep it down as we can barely do anything without her vomitting and by the end of the day her outfits are soaked, she stinks of sick and the play mats and chairs need fully washing daily. Tummy time is so limited because she vomits so much… Anyone used this formula before and can offer me any thoughts?? I’m also worried it might make her constipated. Should I just send it back and carry on as usual or will it not hurt to give it a go? Could she be drinking too much, and could that be the whole cause all along?? Thanks x
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I think because it’s a thicker formula it helps the milk to sit in baby’s belly easier rather than the normal milk which then they can bring back up easily. It can help with reflux but also weight gain with the thickness and it can help to fill baby up longer at least that’s what I understand of it anyway☺️x

Hey, I was wondering if you have tried kendamil? My first baby had awful reflux and second baby was going down this route (we tried gaviscon sachets etc) and my sister in law recommended kendamil. They are the only brand that don’t use palm oil in their formula which was cause acid reflux. Just thought it was worth popping on here. X

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