My little one is on Aptamil Pepti 1 a recent change as was vomiting really bad on nutramigen after being settled on it for ages. The doctor has also put him on omeprazole to help settle the reflux. Someone I know has suggested combining all of that with these drops (see picture). Has anyone else used them and are they worth trying?? I don't want to keep subjecting my little man to lots of things if they aren't going to work where he is so little still at 16 weeks. I feel he has been through the ringer and we have tried almost everything to him. Going on to the hypoallergenic milk has been a game changer but he is still struggling a little. Any advice of help would be greatly received Thank you
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My little one is on the same milk and suffers with reflux, we use infacol and it works really well x

My daughter is on tye same milk I got to be careful has she's tube fed and she's on the same medication but it's has settled also she on domeine too that's for reflux

We tried infacol but made him worse and so uncomfortable. Never heard of domeine what is that?? He's on omeprazole for his reflux.

Domperidone missed spelt it lol both medication is for reflux and I would ask ur gp

My little one is on Kendamil but we used the Colief drops in the evenings when he’d be screaming his head off and they settled him x

When my son was born we had to try him on different milks as he wouldn't breast feed, the nurses dubbed Aptimil as the “sicky” milk as it was know to cause reflux for many. We used cow and gate but after 5 or 6 weeks he got bad ruflux so switched to kendamil and started using thier drops. Haven't had any issues since

We started in Kendamil but he didn't get on with it, we then swapped to SMA 5 weeks later the doctors diagnosed him CMPA as he had some many symptoms. We went on to Nutramigen which helped he still had reflux but no where near as back and then out of no where 3-4 weeks ago just start projectile vomiting after every bottle. They prescribed him omeprazole for it but that didn't work and so we were the prescribed Aptamil pepti 1 which has decreased the sickness to near nothing but still others occasionally but it can be bad sometimes bless him.

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