What is this rash!

I’m worried he might have chicken pox! To give more detail when he came back from nursery I noticed a slight rash and then it’s just getting worse
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Looks like it could be. Has he got spots in other places? My boy started like this in the evening by morning some were blisters. Still not sure if my son had HFM or pox though. My son was only bothered by the ones in his mouth, so only used calpol. Have been recommended the mouse poxcillin by others though. His temp did raise slightly but if it’s chickenpox they say do not use neurofen. 🤞🏼 he is too poorly with them 💕

Also presuming you’ve done the glass test. I do it automatic any rash

@Chloe we went to the pharmacist and they said possibly chicken pox 🥲 just on both legs and gets worse in the bath, they’ve been getting gradually worse since Monday but not blisters xx

Stereotypical to get worse is the bath

Oh yeah they are starting to look like the next pic! Xx

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