I’m 39 + 4 weeks pregnant and I had a second sweep at the hospital today. When I got home I went to the toilet and saw the below (sorry for the overshare) however I’m getting no pains or signs of my water’s breaking. I got told I was 1cm on my first sweep on Sunday and today I’m 1cm and abit 🫠. I’m due on Friday and I’ve been offered and induction however I was hoping to try and do it as natural as possible. Has anyone got any advice or any ideas how long I should wait before I start planning an induction. Thank you
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I would ring your local midwife team / the contact numbers you have been given just to check with them / ask their advice. Always best to check with the professionals. Best of luck 🤞💗

That may be your first show so hopefully you start getting pains soon. I would start planning your induction now as then you are ready for it

I have rang and they’ve told me to just hang on as apart from the above picture I’m not bleeding. It’s just been that and then nothing. I can still feel baby move so I’m Not sure if I should be concerned or not as the sweep was mega painful this time. Thank you so much for the advice tho 💖

Possibly some irritation from the sweep ( I had this too) sadly sweeps don’t always work, I had a sweep and lost my mucus plug the next day but didn’t go into labour for another week. If it’s a healthy pregnancy you can deny induction or keep pushing it back (I did). I went into labour naturally at 41+3 and had her a few hours later.

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