Pubic hair trimming?

Hi, I like to keep my pubic hair trimmed, which I normally do myself. However, my bump is getting too big and I am struggling to do this myself. I'm a little embarrassed to say but I've never been to a beautician or been waxed. What would you suggest? I'm not sure if starting to wax while pregnant is a good idea. Thank you in advance 💕
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My boyfriend offered to shave for me when I was heavily pregnant so I just got him to do it 😅 if not, then I would do it myself and use a mirror 😂🩷

I would say do not wax as you are more sensitive. I've found it is easier to avoid doing it in the shower, to avoid slipping, but also to have more room. Foot on toilet, mirror on floor to help you out, squatting a little.

I just get my other half to trim my garden. He's probably gonna have to do my legs too soon haha.

I wouldn’t recommend waxing during pregnancy best option is shave!! 🪒 some beauty’ salon will say it’s okay caz it’s money for them but majority of the time as your body is changing.

It’s just good to go with shaving, as down below will be very sensitive

As a former beauty therapist any good therapist would not begin waxing while you are pregnant due to a variety of reasons mainly hormone related. Just do your best to shave we are all in the same boat don’t worry none of us are walking around freshly groomed🤣 x

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