anyone else?

my daughters 8.5 months and doesn’t crawl and has no teeth still
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my son doesn’t have teeth yet and he’ll be 9 months on the 13th but he JUST started crawling about a week ago. We were worried he wouldn’t crawl but he should signs of readiness and then 2 weeks later was crawling, some babies take longer than others but it seems like once they start showing signs of readiness it’s not too long after start they start picking up on it

@Perla , we have birthday twins 😁. My daughter's 1st tooth just started to cut through the gums today.

@Perla awe our babies are a day apart! My little girl will be 9 months on the 14th! And she’s got 3 tooth’s! She’s been crawling since about a week to a week 1/2 after she turned 8 months old

Honestly, please don't stress these two specific things as there is no official milestones for either at this stage. My coworker's son is 10 months tomorrow and never crawled but is beginning to take his first steps. He also has no teeth either. Every baby is different and as long as your baby girl is happy and healthy, that's all that matters 😊

Same. She’s almost crawling but not yet. And she pushes herself backward but not forwards yet. And no teeth. My son didn’t get teeth till 10.5 months

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