Do these symptoms sound like CMPA?
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Could be reflux. Any bowel or skin problems?

@Shannon Purdy he gets bad trapped wind. My first son suffered with severe reflux. I don’t think it’s that this time x

Could be just reflux or cmpa. My son had the above plus diarrhoea. x

All classic signs of cmpa

Sounds like a mix of reflux and CMPA. The gasping on the bottle could be tongue tie as well. My little girl has tongue tie and she would gasp on her bottles as she couldn’t latch onto the bottle properly which can be causing the reflux as well x

@Julia thanks. He had a tongue tie but we have had it cut. @Elsa @Shannon Purdy reflux always has a cause, quite often the cause is cmpa and reflux is a symptom 🤷‍♀️

Yes my little girl had this and has been on prescribed formula neocate lcp since 3 and half weeks x

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