Concert with baby

I bought my partner tickets for an outdoor concert. I thought (whilst pregnant) it would be fine to have my mum babysit my 3 month old for the evening. But as we're nearing the event I don't think I want to leave my 3 month old. Im now wondering if it's feasible to take baby in a carrier and wear ear defenders. Has anyone else done this? I'm not sure how baby will be and how effective ear defnedrs actually are.
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Those ear muffs are really good for cancelling sound my baby was able to sleep during a baseball game we went to

Fab, thank you

Yes, just last weekend we went to a basketball game and the noise canceling headphones worked and my baby slept through the game. I also had him in the carrier. Other mothers had done the same at the game I went to.

I have done it but she keeps pulling off her headphones : /

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