Am I being difficult?

We've got a friend who we saw quite a lot before we had our baby but we've barely seen her since we've had her. I've told her over and over again that if we're going to make plans they're better for us if they're earlier in the day, after my baby girls first nap it tends to be a bit hectic cause we've gotta all have dinner and do her bedtime routine and I just think having her here would just make it stressful yet she continuously tries to make plans with us at the exact times I've said don't work. She comes from a culture where all the family and friends pitch in to help with the baby but we don't have that, it's just us and so I think it's bizarre to her to see us fitting our life around our baby rather than making our baby fit around our life and she doesn't quite understand it. Am I being difficult and should I be more flexible or is she being difficult and should she be more understanding? How are you all managing your social life around your babies?
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Everyone’s different everything works for different people. For me one night doesn’t hurt. I live a couple hours away from friends who are obviously at work during the day, they can only do evenings during the week and baby’s bedtime is 6.30 for us. We’re meeting up for tea at 6pm after they’ve all finished work. I’ll rejig his day slightly so he naps as we drive to the meal and then he can fall asleep on the drive home. A couple hours awake later than usual as the odd thing doesn’t bother me because he’s going to love the cuddles and attention, he likes them a lot and I don’t see them much. We’ve done a few of those later nights over the last nearly 11 months and I’ve never found him to suffer for it. He giggles the whole time, even the one time the cheeky monkey stayed up until 9.30 despite my best efforts and just sleeps the way home and I just have an easy day the next day to try and encourage more snuggles and naps. But I totally understand those who are more routine driven

I'm not flexible for anyone anymore 🤣 When my friend had her babies I was there all the time to help her literally sometimes 4/5 times a week to help. But my baby is 11 months old and I recon she has seen her 5 times??? If people don't want to be helpful then they can bugger off 😄

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