What is a small plant/herb I can have in the kitchen

Something that won't grow too tall as we have no garden or window near the kitchen. I have an open plan living room and kitchen together with a big window. My lo loves to water our little artificial flowers and I'm thinking of buying a real plant but nothing that'll grow too tall for our little space, any recommendations will be appreciated. P.s I know nothing about plants 🪴
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I used to have an orchid in the kitchen and it was lovely. Or perhaps getting some herbs like parsley and mint? You’ll have a constant supply of fresh herbs for cooking, they smell nice and it’s a nice way to start educating your daughter about cooking. Another advantage of herbs is that you practically can’t kill them and they’re easy maintenance

If you want a herb... Mint all the way, will grow away and hard to kill it xx

Thanks ladies, I will try mint for a start 👌

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