Skin complaints

Hi girlies , I’m in first trimester of my second pregnancy and over the last couple of days my skin has completely dried up , and is sore like I’ve got sunburn and visibly dry ? No moisturisers are helping , and I’ve got cracks in the corners of my lips , has anyone else experienced this ? And if so please help lol!
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Does your prenatal have a good array of B vitamins in it? Cracks at the corner of your mouth are sometimes due to one of the B vitamins, I don’t remember which. And make sure you’re getting lots of electrolytes in your water to help your body hold on to the hydration

BIO OIL! It’s worth it, I had dry skin and would break out, I did some research and found bio oil is great for my needs dry skin, acne, for skin elasticity, and overall moisturizer. I swear by it. My skin was so dry around my lips too, especially on my cheeks 1st trimester 😭

@Kelsey I’m taking pregnacare which has all the bits in , I will up my water intake , does it matter if it’s sparkling water and not normal ? Thank you for your advice 💜

@Yoko that is a great shout , thank you so much 💜

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