my 2 year old is suffering really bad with hay fever at the moment. his eyes go all red and itchy and he gets a runny nose and is just really grumpy. we have hay fever wipes for his face but this doesn’t seem to touch it, he refuses to take his hay fever medication as i don’t think he likes the taste. does anyone else little one suffer with hay fever and cam suggest some medicines or things which helped?
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Try putting Vaseline around his nostrils and under eyes. It should help catch some pollen. Xxx

Temporary elimination of wheat and other high histamine foods for the duration of pollen season. Quality Vitamin C (Mighty Kids make a great liposomal one) A multivitamin with good B vitamins to support histamine processing (Biocare children’s multi). Homeopathy (call Helios Pharmacy in London and they’ll ship the remedies to you based on symptoms) the consultation is free. Nettle tea is a natural antihistamine. If mould is present at home use an air purifier (mould is a trigger). Hope he gets better x

@Dominique that's really interesting about high histamine foods. I hadn't thought about that. We were told not to remove things from the diet for more than 6 weeks from our allergy team as it can cause intolerance. Not sure why but just to mention x

Air purifier and nasal rinse

@Emma if my son was struggling with hay fever I would consider removing the high histamine foods temporarily to see if they symptoms improve. But the long term goal is to balance the immune system so that those foods can be reintroduced without causing too much trouble. Chocolate, yoghurt, wheat based products, tomatoes are some of the worst offenders 🥲

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