About the name Vada for a girl? Said like vay-dur
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I really like it ☺️

i love it reminds me of my girl the film x x

Pretty & I like Vida

I like Vada said Vay-duh, but Vay-dur makes me think Darth Vader from star wars

@Katrina said the same way in england

I also thought of Star Wars

I like it as vay-duh. Like vada on my girl

Don’t use it if you don’t want it pronounced vay-duh like in My Girl

I have always loved that name. My favourite movie my girl. I have 3 daughters and honestly wanted one to be named that but everyone was so against it and I didn't use it. But I loooove the name.

Vada in my girl and Darth Vader are said exactly the same way in england

Hmmm reminds me of Star Wars. I’m so careful choosing names due to them being picked on in school years xx


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