I feel like all I do all day is feed the baby 🙈

This is how our feeding looks like right now. I feel like all I do is either feed or cook for the baby 🙈 anyone else is in the same boat so I feel better? It feels similar to when she was on like 5-6 naps a day and I felt like all I do all day is try to put baby to sleep 😂
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I’m still only doing one solids ‘meal’ a day (sometimes she’ll try things off my plate at other times in the day), at this age food is just for fun and shouldn’t be replacing any milk intake anyway - so I just find doing it once takes the pressure off and reduces the chores 😅😅

We’re in the same boat, baby is still feeding very frequently particularly at night. We feed every 2-3 hours through the day and every 1-2 hours overnight - he fed less overnight as a newborn! We offer food 3x a day and how much he eats varies but it doesn’t reduce how much milk he wants he happily puts away both 🙈

Same here! My boy likes both his solids and his milk so tanks up on both mostly 😅

@Yasmin have you tried just rocking him back to sleep rather than breastfeeding that often in the night ? He will probably start to intake more milk during the day then. I breastfeed and co sleep and my daughter would probably feed all night if I offered every time she woke up. I would never refuse her if she asked for it so I’m not saying you should but when she wakes up I tend to rock her back to sleep and only feed twice in the night but she drinks a lot in the day to make up for it. Just thinking I would be exhausted if my baby had me up and drank that frequently in the night x

@Chloe yeah so he reverse cycled at around 4 months as he was so so distracted in the day time that we could literally only feed him asleep. At 7.5 months he’s still very distracted during the day and will only snack he won’t take a full feed unless sleepy. He’s also a very big baby so rocking him breaks my back so to be totally honest feeding him back to sleep is much easier than rocking I just don’t have the energy in the middle of the night to rock him. We’ve always offered the same things and at 3 months he slept 10 hours straight through so I think it’s just a very long phase but he has a heart condition and dropped centiles when he was younger so it’s really important he gains weight and gets the nutrients to grow so I’m in a bit of a vicious cycle with it 😅 x

@Bridget my eldest is 11 years old, so I know I’m doing the right thing. It’s just exhausting and I’m in need to vent 😂

@Yasmin night time are killing me… and I was hoping to substitute at least one meal by now completely so I can go out on my own. But so far she is happy to eat all the time milk and solids 🙈

@Dorina yep… was hoping to substitute one meal at least by now and no luck so far.

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