Breast Feeding vs Formula

Has anyone ever given up breast feeding because it is too much?! My milk did not come in until today, which is day 7, so I have been supplementing with formula since. I JUST felt like I got on a good schedule of my son eating every 3 hours and feeling like I was getting good chunks of sleep at night and doing okay throughout the day. But now, I am trying to pump and that is taking my time in between and I feel stressed out again. Plus, when I fed him the milk I pumped he has not been content for long like he was with the formula. Any one else experience this and just stick with formula feeding? I feel like I am failing if I don't give BF a try but also for my sanity I need a routine.
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Girl do what works for you. I breastfed but was DISTRAUGHT for a year bc I just couldn't pump enough. One day I said I quit and we ended the year w formula. Motherhood is already hard enough. Do whatever suits you

Do whatever works for YOU. Not even baby. Baby will drink BM or formula and will be A okay! I BF for almost 5 months, but my breasts couldn’t keep up with the demand. And I HATED pumping but was working FT and couldn’t just stop to feed my lil one all throughout the day. So we supplemented with formula until I was like im over this! Never looked back and my son was as healthy and happy as ever. And guess what, I was too! ❤️

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