Supine hypotension

Hi all, at my 28 week growth measurement today I was laid flat for a few mins to measure and listen to babies heart etc. I suddenly lost all strength in my limbs, started to sweat and feel sick and had to get up. My baby is pressing on my blood vessels. He's only gonna get bigger....what can I even happens when I'm lounging on the sofa sometimes
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Just take it easy. Not much you can do but to make sure you give your blood time to circulate when you get up. Sit up slowly and when you do, give yourself 5-10 mins to adjust. Also, try to lay on your left side when this happens and don’t lay on your back. Good luck mama!

Definitely invest in an incline pillow and also incline when you’re on the sofa! Totally understand. Just have to give birth laying on the side because I could not stand laying on my back

Prop yourself up as much as possible with pillows. Or lay on your side

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