Jus need to vent I’m really tired of this same mf texting me n threatening me every month or every other month n stalking me been goin on for almost a year now police rllt don’t care unless somebody is unalived 🤦🏾‍♀️like I’m bringing a child in this world soon some gotta change like fr bc it I set the dude up imma b the one in jail
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With text proof of threats a magistrate should automatically be able to file a temporary restraining order until a judge can establish a permanent one. Have you tried going to the magistrate instead of the police?

@Hannah I’ve never heard of a magistrate before

They’re the ppl that set bond, establish charges, etc. should be 1 available to you 24/7 at the courthouse unless out on break.

@Dionne I’m in US and yes ma’am it works the same way here!! She should def look into it for her & her child’s safety

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