Our little one had her 8 week injections this afternoon and has been straining and seems in pain whilst straining ever since and also quite dribbly. Has anyone else experienced this 🥺
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Mine had hers today as well, she’s dribbling quite a bit i think it’s because of the calpol something new in her mouth might be a weird sensation for her x

Our little one has exactly same - seems in so much pain 😢

Yes like there belly is hurting them ? My little ones the same xxx

My girl was dribbling a lot too, although after a bit of googling they tend to start dribbling more at 2 months anyway x

Mine was dribbling more than usual too now that you mention it! Also pooing/straining more…I put it down to the Calpol

Thank you all, she has been a lot better this evening 🤞🏻xx

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