Fat feet!!

My daughter’s feet are fat and won’t fit into shop shoes, anywhere other than Clark’s that sell wide feet shoes. She’s got 2 pairs of shoes, but one she can’t wear with socks otherwise they don’t fit
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My boy is the exact same. He wears vans but I’m looking at getting home some barefoot ones

Lacofia and MK Matt Keely on Amazon do wide fit. And they don’t cost the earth like Clark’s. They have a good range of styles too x

Thank you!!

If you don’t want the price tag of Clark’s try vinted!

We have to have an H width in Clarks which is considered extra wide, I’ve bought all his shoes so far from vinted. He’s growing half a size every 6 weeks, I’m not paying £40 a pair if they last that long 😂

Yea my daughter is a h and have to size up half a size to compensate

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