Back to back baby’s or wait

Should I wait to have another baby for 6 months to a year or give birth and get back pregnant again asap.
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They say it’s best to wait about a year because it allows your body to heal. Personally I think that while it may not be convenient and I don’t “plan” on another baby before a year, if God gives me one then I’ll be happy especially since it took 4 years for this one.

I can say I’m 7 months pregnant with my second and my first baby is 8 months old. I’ve gotten a lot of rude comments and other things. Yes ik how babies are made😂🙄🙄. Its honestly really hard on your body and for me has given some heath problems with the pregnancy but each one is different and everyone is different if having two close in age is something you really want go for it

@Cami I’m 6 months with an 8 month old!!🤣

I’d def say it’s caused some back issues and my hips hurt more but it’s your life :) I’m honestly more excited than hurting and my babies been completely healthy this whole time! If you’re having any complications tho I’d def wait a little just for your safety!!

My kids are 15, 9, and 11 months. I'm due in September. My youngest will be 14 months old. I loved the bigger age gaps. I'm not sure how having 2 younger 2 will be. It wasn't in the plans, but I'm excited my son will have a little brother to grow up with.

My oldest is 9, then this baby in September. But my husband and I want to knock out baby number 3 before I'm 36 so we will probably have Irish twins as I turn 34 next month.

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