Your favorite boy named!!

I'm leaning towards Damien. Maybe Jasper or Maes as a middle name. However I don't think my partner will go for those... he said he did like Damien, but turned down Dexter and Salem 🥲🥹 I want to have more options to present him with, to narrow down, find something he actually likes. We are a blended family, he had no say in his first born son's name, he had to fight to even have his son as the mother try to keep him entirely from him from birth. So I know this is special to him. He likes longer names that can be shortened, names that look good on business cards (LOL) His son's name is Leviathan Skylar My son's name is Alexander Greyson This is our first baby together. (both boys are 9 years old, they each have sisters from their other parents, this will be their first brother, we are all very excited) like every parent, I just want it to be perfect, and boy names are hard, Im at a loss lol.
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Have you sat down together and gone through a baby name book? I found boys names way harder than girls

I have a daughter and won’t have anymore kids, but my boy name was Lleyton Reece.

@Sophie a couple of times yes, but not enough, he thinks we have plenty of time *eyeroll* even those times we didn't find anything yet so far. I am wanting to pick something before baby shower so we still have like ten weeks at least lol.

@Zoe oh how annoying! It literally is so hard to pick one so I get that. Would he sit down on his own and pick out ones he liked? I found my husband couldn’t tell me what he liked so I just had a list of ones I did and we went through them together

My husband and I also like the "looks good on a business card) vibe, lol. I'm literally giving you our boys name list 🤣 Our son is Maximilian, but we also liked... Maxwell Theodore Callahan Dominic (since he likes Damien) Augustus (Gus for short) Vincent Julian Caspian Sullivan Cassius

@Sharee so many good ones, I like D names a lot like Damien, Dexter, Dominick, Declan I floated by Maximilian to him as well a while back, he honestly didn't even comment on it, I think Max is so cute tho. I like simple names too like Jack and Adam but it's hard to not associate names with people I've met or dated before lol. I love the name Seth but I'm cursed bc I have a pretty severe lisp and can't say the name well 😭😂 I like Julian but my nephews name is Julius lol and his nephews name is already Theodore (Teddy) lol

@Sophie that's the plan, it's been mind numbing going thru the book so many times, I just need to sit down and do it again and compile compile compile lol. It's nice to hear suggestions tho lol.

@Zoe I love the name Quentin I know it’s very marmite but if I had another boy I would go for that 💙

Deciding on a name was so hard, anything I liked my Boyfriend didn't like and I was not really liking anything he liked. We Eventually narrowed it down to a few we both liked and in the end named him Tyson.

My sons names are Ashar and Zaviyan

My boys are Jordan Thomas, Coby William, and Asher Eli. We also liked Reuben, Oscar, Milo, Arlo.

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