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I had sex yesterday and a positive lh strip today, everyone says to test 2 weeks after the positive lh or after a missed period however my period is due in 8 days. When do I test?
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I'd have some more swxy time today as sometimes your peak is the day after the sold 2 lines :) as for testing.. realistically you'll not get a positive result before about 9/10dpo so I would do 2 weeks before testing but if your period is due then feel free to test after the missed period :) everyone's different. My cycles were irregular so mines were difficult to track

Yeah if you got a positive today I'd BD tonight and the next 2 nights if you can as you will likely ovulate tomorrow then the egg lives 24 hours. I'd wait til at least 10 days from tomorrow. Do you usually have such a short time between ovulation and period because a short luteal phase like that can make it more difficult to conceive so it might be worth going to your GP about?

Is your period normally that close to ovulation? This would be classed as a short luteal phase

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