I had my little one on Aptmil he was getting 4oz and he was looking for more I have changed him onto hungry baby milk I’ve stuck to the same 4oz every 4 hours or when he is hungry. But he is still looking for more every couple hours. I’m not sure if to change milk or not
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Could he be trying to cluster feed? Idk much about formula but I imagine they cluster feed the same way? Like tonight my son has been drinking every hour. Drank 4 oz, then 3, then 2. Hourly 😵‍💫

@MJ_xo I’m not to sure before I put him on hungry baby milk he was taking 4oz, then he was wanting more he took another 4 x

No need to change the milk. I’d just offer another feed whenever baby is looking for it. At this age they should be fed on demand x

@Rhiannon the health visitor said I should be feeding every 2 hours x

Up the volume if he wants more. Try 5oz of normal milk, hungry baby milk isn’t needed. Or feed more often than every 4hrs. At his age it’s usually every 2-3hrs x

@Jordan thank you I’ll try it x

I've heard it is better just to up the ounces than hungry baby formula. They can't break down the proteins in hungry baby as well. Baby might just be going through a growth spurts and be cluster feeding

Hungry baby milk can make them constipated, I'd just stick to the regular milk and feed him whenever he shows signs of hunger, it's better to feed on demand instead of getting hung up on every x number of hours, they go through times like this with their milk when they are growing and developing, bit like us when we have more/less hungrier days than usual x

My LB was born on the 13th June so he’s 4 weeks exactly today. He’s been taking 5oz every 3 hours for over a week now. On the odd occasion he’ll maybe go 4/5 hours at night between feeds.

I wouldn’t change the milk, my little boys almost 6 weeks & on 5 ozs every 2-3 hours. Potentially up the ozs if necessary, or feed more regularly than 4 hours xx

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