When I die…Here’s what’s going to happen🫣

When it’s all said and done…what legacy do you want to leave behind? What do you want to be known for? What will be the tune of your life song’s lasting echo into eternity? The night I take my last breath, I imagine the heavens will explode with a delightfully wild refrain….colored by sentimental moods, Sade Adu and the blues. Every note playing on the last…a beautiful symphony filled with spiraling crescendos upwards … A profound work of art…one that Fibonacci himself would revere and declare divine. I imagine Leonardo so inspired by my life’s song…he would risk it all and feverishly create the “Vitruvian Woman” in my honor. I imagine my life song echoing hundreds of years into a far, distant future…. Where children gather by a river, playing in pure wonder and joy….underneath a gorgeously golden sun…. I imagine they hear my life song poured out in the breeze, and they drink freely…tasting of my love and devotion to their freedom….generations ago. I imagine they close their beautifully dark eyes, as tight coils & curls, swirl around their beautifully brown faces, and they smile… They feel my love….Great Grandmother Darcel has sent her song to them. I imagine and imagine and imagine again…. A dream within a dream within a dream…. Streams of consciousness remind us….Life is truly, but a dream….Some wait until death to wake up and others wake up and discover…there is no death. Only death of the body… Never of the soul… Never of the song. Never of your song. 🔥 🐉 💋 Darcel
When I die…Here’s what’s going to happen🫣
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This is beautiful❤️

@Autumn Love that it landed for you, gorgeous woman🔥🔥🔥

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