Vitamin D

I BF however my baby gets 2 bottles of formula a day (just to help with sore nipples atm). My doctor told me I didn't need to give her vitamin D as my breast milk would have enough but everywhere else including health visitor is saying i should be supplementing her. She's now 3 months and I've not done it, do I need to give her vitamin d? So confused
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Breastmilk doesn’t contain enough vitamin d even if you supplement yourself. You should take a vitamin d supplement yourself and also supplement baby with vitamin d drops. I believe formula has added vitamin d so if they are having over a certain amount of formula then they don’t need the drops however I can’t find info on how much this amount is on a quick search.

Might depend which brand so don't take my word for it but I've heard that it takes at least 500ml of formula a day to get enough vitamin D and not need supplements. But if you check the formula you are using it will say the amount of vitamin d. But likely it will not be enough so worth supplementing to make sure they get enough x

Be very careful with giving vitamin D drops, your breastmilk is perfect for you baby it is not “deficient” in anything. By giving drops you will block other vitamins like vitamin A, which is more important and crucial for babies developing at a such a young age

@Lana inaccurate. It’s current NHS guidance to give vit d when breast feeding. We just don’t get enough in the UK.

Think they need 500ml of formula per day to get enough vit d but worth checking

@Kathryn there are other resources available and evidence that show that intoxication of vitamin D is common in a lot of childhood illnesses, especially in babies and toddlers. As said in the original post, doctor that works for NHS said that drops are not needed, as milk would have enough. Yes we do need vitamin D in the UK, but it is not needed for babies and toddlers, mother’s breastmilk is perfectly balanced for baby and changes with babies needs, it has everything baby needs and isn’t lacking of anything. Unless advised for medical reasons, your milk will provide everything that your baby needs.

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