Can anyone recommend a good carrier? LB is now forward facing and LOVES it but I have the chico one and I feel he’s bouncing loads and it hurts my neck and back. Thanks!
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We LOVE our ergobaby 360, it’s a bit expensive but I carry my 6 month old a lot and I’ve never had back ache, where as when I had the baby bjorn mini that hurt my back!xx

I use the beco gemini which was a recommendation from someone on here (thank you very much!). It's so comfy and my LO actually naps in it which is incredible! Also have one of the babyBjorn ones which is good as a spare and so easy for getting on but I find that my LO's legs just dangle rather that be supported so she's not as comfy in it for as long, also means her pelvis isn't in the M shape that's recommended

I would recommend using the sling library. I thought it was gonna be more hassle than it was worth but it was so easy. The slings look the same and sound like they function the same but that's absolutely not the case and your baby can sit in each one differently

Ergobaby 360 is great and they are always on Facebook Marketplace, worth checking!

Najell Rise has been great for us and taken the weight off my neck and shoulders

Infection 3 in 1!! Super affordable

I have the ergobaby 360… I bought it for my first baby and absolutely hated it 🤣 Jump to having my second child I thought ok I need to try this again to see if I can go to parks. Honestly I use it daily and the best thing I ever purchased 🤣 Complete 180 from my views on it.

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