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How do y’all brush your LO’s teeth? My daughter absolutely despises when I even go in her mouth now to clean her teeth & tongue. She fights it so bad and will keep her mouth clenched shut, impossible to clean her teeth & tongue. She’s EBF. Has 7 teeth at 10.5 months. Any tips/advice?
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We have that banana 🍌 teething tooth brush and a finger brush . We let her explore with both of them, then when it's time we pretend we're playing but put toothpaste on it.

Can you pls share link

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When we brush our teeth in the morning, we hand her her little toothbrush and she’s happy to be included and we sing the toothbrushing song.

My son wouldn’t let me brush his teeth with a normal toothbrush so I use a finger sleeve! He can chew on it while I scrub his teeth. Works great! $6 for two

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