Water during the day

How much water are your babies drinking during the day? Do you only offer it with meals or is it offered all day?
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0-25ml but it's because I still try to hydrate her with the breast milk as a primary source

I have bought one of the MAM trainer bottles and offer water throughout the day. He’s only drinking about an ounce 😊 xx

See I just offer it throughout the day too I leave his bottle at the side and he will randomly go over when playing and have a few sips. He’s drinking 2-3 oz but has also dropped a feed so maybe that’s why!! I just don’t want to be giving too much water as I’ve Always read mixed things x

I was told up to 4oz is perfect, in little sips. Mine ends up soaked but probably only drinks about half an oz 😵

We just offer with food but most of it acts as a pre wash for the clothes 😂🤦‍♀️

4 ounces a day split up :)

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