Third jabs

Hi, We’ve just had our third jabs this morning and I said to the nurse am I right in thinking that any temperature over 39 to contact docs and anything less to keep a close eye on and give calpol etc, this is what the previous nurse has said at the second set of jabs. Today the nurse said no, anything over 38 to contact doctors straight away? Obviously I will be keeping a close eye on her regardless and go from temperature and symptoms, but it would be great to hear what advice you have all been given for the third set of jabs? Thanks all!
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I was told over 38 as well 🙂

@Sarah That’s handy to know, thank you! 😃

@Samantha this is brilliant, thanks so much! It is a shame they don’t do the same to everyone and hand these out to everyone! Thanks for this!

No probs :) hope your little ones ok x

How have your littles been, my boy had his yesterday morning and he was awful in the afternoon full scream crying and nothing could settle him, he never usually cries, his temp was fine but he was on calpol. He has woken up this morning totally fine though. I don’t know what actually goes on with these vaccines but they really take their toll. Just letting you know in case yours is bad, but I think they will be ok next day and it’s just getting through the 1st day. X

@Holly sorry for the delay. I did read your message but didn’t have a chance to reply! It was so reassuring though as my little girl ended up being so similar. She had it yesterday morning and was fine all day but early evening she started to get a temperature and by night time was screaming and wouldn’t let me put her down. Thankfully her temperature did go down eventually with calpol and she’s woken up happy and temperature free! Phew! Xx

@Vincia So glad to hear that, it’s awful when they are so bad, glad to hear she is feeling better. Xx

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