Changing milk bottles

Hello everyone! Just thought I’d ask about changing my 11 month old from baby bottles to normal bottles for milk I’ve heard it’s pretty bad for their teeth and hope I’ve not left it too late. Can anyone please recommend good bottles that baby uses for milk and how did your little ones find this transition
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I think if you are using formula you still need to sterilise bottles so I’d stick with the bottles that you sterilise until your LO is on cows milk. My youngest is 1 next week and is on cows milk but i still give her a bottle because she wakes up in the night for bottles. But she does drink water/juice through a soft straw cup. My eldest went off milk about 16 months (still using a bottle) so, she just went to a straw cup and an open cup. I would say look into a straw cup or a free flow cup so your baby learns to sip ( if they don’t know how to already) xx

@Bethany I have not sterilised bottles for two months now but my health visitor recommended getting rid of the baby bottles for milk so it didn’t affect teeth position as they suckle

We orginally switched the morning bottle first to a 360 or a straw cup, we flick between the two and then after a little bit we changed her evening bottle to the same as she has her evening milk downstairs now during wind down time 😊 xx

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