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so i've been supplementing with pre liquid formula, pouring them into her bottles, and storing them in the fridge for the day/night for an easy grab. i recently has to make a switch to normal powder formula covered by my WIC because that liquid shit was getting EXPENSIVE. am i okay to continue with my normal routine of premaking bottles? i see it as id rather spend more time pre making 10 bottles, than having to make them on the fly. but i worry with the powder it might be different, does it get clumpy cold? i just always see videos about how shitty making bottles is, and figured more people would just pre make them -so would this be wrong?
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You can preamke it and store in the fridge for 24 hours only if you haven't started feeding. If started feeding it can only last for 2 hours

No it will store fine for the day and you can do it but I’ve never understood why people want to store pre made bottles in the fridge when you still have to take the time to warm them up. Putting a scoop in already lukewarm water has always seemed quicker to me.

Yes! We did the premade with powder for 24 hours in fridge

@Cassie Is there a trick to having less bubbles or foam after shaking a bottle together? Is that just how formula bottles are? Or am I shaking it too much or wrong? I just switched to formula and it’s embarrassing how you’d think it’s easy to use formula but I’m scared I’m doing it wrong and I don’t wanna make him sick.

@Cassie she takes it cold so i didn't bother looking into that but is it supposed to be warm? i boil the water, let it cool, mix the formula, make the bottle, put it in the fridge

@Quilina i shake the bottle initially to mix the formula. since i premade them and they settle, i do a circle shake before giving them to her, like stir it in a circle and it gets minimal bubbles

@Lilly that what I’ve been doing and it has less to no foam and bubbles but to just make one right away it has so many foam and bubbles

I use Dr. Browns formula mixing pitcher to mix formula and make premade bottles to store in the fridge. Do you have the formula pitcher? It will get out all the clumps. You can store premade bottles or mixed formula in the pitcher in the fridge for 24 hrs. I have never warmed my bottles before feeding.

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