How many ounces is your little one still on?

Baby defo still prefers milk! And not sure how much food is actually being swallowed 😂
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Mines on 3 bottles and 3 meals now. bottle wise his first 2 are 5oz and the last before bed is 7oz 😊

Mines on 3 bottles (3 meals 1 snack) Bottles are often 6oz first thing, 5oz after first nap then 6-8oz night bottle xx

I’ve just dropped a bottle So on 3 and 3 meals, now doing 7oz first thing, then 8oz & 8oz x

We had been doing 3 bottles and 3 meals bit felt yesterday he wasn’t really looking for that middle bottle so didn’t give him it and today he’s not looked for it again so going to try just the 2 with 3 meals, he’s great with his food though like devours everything 🤣

My son is a milk machine and isn't a fan of food he's more of a grazer so he's on 3x 7oz and 1x 8oz bottles a day

My boy still loves his milk 😏 - 5 x 7oz bottles a day x

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