Little tear down stairs

Has anyone had any small little tears/cuts down there? I had pain and pressure this morning from baby, but it’s eased off now. Just been to the toilet, wiped, it stung and then saw there was blood on the tissue. It’s definitely from a tear or cut or graze - not from inside / baby - but just wondered if anyone had experienced the same thing?
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I have tears all the time. I started using flushable wipes as it’s so uncomfortable wiping with dry tissue. It’s particularly bad if there’s a lot of pressure or even a little bit of straining.

I’ve had this a lot over the last couple of months, I’ve actually started the perineal massages earlier because of how sore I was getting but focusing on that part alone and it’s really helped to ease and stretch the skin. Even just moisturising the area helped me x

Yes. I’ve been getting them ever since I hit maybe 29 weeks and they are sore but so tiny. Thankful it’s not just me because I never had this the first time but it’s like a tiny cut on the outside and I originally thought it was from shaving and I’ve caught myself but it even happens if I leave it a while🥲 x

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