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Posting anon as some people might know me and partner and it’s a sensitive issue. I’ve just had my little girls preschool booster jabs, my husband didn’t want her to get them. It’s been a few days of discussions, but in the end I’ve just had to go with my gut and get them done, but have this real guilty feeling. He saw her just before he went to work and she wanted to watch a film because I said she could after her jabs so she wasn’t really interested in talking to him, and she was putting on a bit of a funny voice (which isn’t uncommon for a 3 year old) and talking a bit silly and he was looking at me like the vaccine had made her not be able to speak properly or pay attention to him. We’d had similar discussions before her infant vaccines, and I’d just put my foot down, this time he came at me with studies and podcasts etc and said I didn’t care about the facts and I was just being led by my feelings. But I think that yeah there are some maybe suspect bits around them but the larger body of evidence suggests that vaccines are the right choice, and I could never forgive myself if she got one of those diseases that are completely preventable. I didn’t actually get the c*vid vax because I didn’t feel comfortable with the new kind of vaccine/ how it has been rushed through and so heavily pushed, but I do agree with these well established vaccines. I don’t really know what I’m asking here, More getting my feelings out I guess. But has anyone disagreed about vaccines with their partner and does it ever get any easier? 😭
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You do what’s best for your baby and that’s the end of it. He can have his opinions but you’ve done best by your baby in your opinion. If he can’t get over it he’s immature. I’m sure his parents would have had him vaccinated and it didn’t do him any harm, as did your. As do millions every year. But how many unvaccinated children are now at risk of falling sick with the amount of illness’s that are now rising that had almost completely become obsolete

All I have to say is that my dad went through Polio... That was back in the 60s. He didn't get the vaccine on time because it took too long to be approved in our country. He was in a ward with 500 other children. 200 survived. 12 managed to walk again. He was one of them, because his godfather was rich and could afford private nurses and treatments. One of his legs is visibly shorter than the other, which has caused him issues all his life and great difficulty now that he's 60+ years old. It could all have been prevented. I trust the science. And you know best what's best for your child.

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