3 years ago

Back to school tips

With a new year of school on the horizon, what are all of your back to school tips?? This article has a few that are helpful, but would love to hear what you all think.
Back to school tips

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10 months ago

Hiya mamas! I could really do with some of your help please! My daughter is due to starts reception in September 2022 and not being from this country I’m feeling very lost and stressed on how to choose a school 😰 From your experiences Would you say there’s a difference between primary schools and primary academies? Any more “benefits” from one or another is terms of events or trips etc for the children? What about fees wise ? Am I meant to really priorities the amount of children per year class do you think ? Have you got any tips and things that you in your mind that I should look out for please? Thank you for your help!

1 year ago

As a teacher myself, I swear by meal planning and I also set out clothes for the week but for both my kids and myself Sunday evening. That way each morning all I do is wake them up, feed them and grab their clothes. I also have a detailed menu for the week so there’s no thinking about what to eat I just pack/make what’s on the list.

3 years ago

We do morning bath, breakfast, get dressed, brush hair and teeth and then if there's time we wait until we leave

3 years ago

I did have a routine But now it's hard for me to get up in the mornings sometimes depending on what time my 6 week old wakes up I pack lunches the night before. I try to get up early n most times I'm early my 7 year old decides to be slow at getting dress for school stuffs around to much I've gotten up early than usual n still is the same shit

3 years ago

Always make time for a good breakfast at the table. Have bags, lunches, PE kits, shoes and uniforms ready the night before to minimise rushing. This will also get children into good habits for lifetime. After school wind-down time is key too. Put out some crafts/playdough/Lego that they can just get stuck into when they walk in. Asking a few specific questions can be really effective as well such as, 'who was kind to you today?' This opens up a conversation that isn't overwhelming.

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