Note to self. Stop eating while breastfeeding

So my boyfriend just gave me a heart attack. Busted in the bathroom all frantic like "I think something wrong with the baby". I'm like WHAT?! WHAT HAPPENED, WHAT'S WRONG?? He said she was bleeding and he don't know where it's coming from. I ran in there to look her over ... It was fuckin taco sauce 🥴 I'm disappointed in me and him right now 😅
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Omg 😜🤣 My newborn was sleeping and sorta nursing. I was sitting up and she was against me on the nursing pillow nursing and sleeping. She was maybe 2 weeks old. Decided to indulge in some chips and Netflix. After enjoying my bowl of chips I looked down and there were chips crumbs all in her hair and on her body. 🙈 I’ve never felt so fat lmao !!

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Exactly how I felt. 😩😂

Mannn 😂😂😂😂😂

Hahaha I can’t even count the amount of times that I’ve accidentally dropped food on my baby 😂 you’re not alone girl!

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😅 ok good. I had to share this & see if I'm the only one out here dropping good on their baby 🥴😅

Thank you for this. I’ve just cried with laughter 😂 Made my boyfriend read it and he laughed, then said it’s something I’ll do as well 😂😂

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