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Knot wrap swaddle mums??

I really really want to carry my baby in a knot wrap over me (not whats in the picture thats just for naps) anyone recommend any good ones? Even like some that make it easier to use because i have this huuuuge cloth i got from tkmaxx and it scares me trying to get it on me hes 4 weeks old and im petrified of him falling out but i want to carry him, mainly because cuddles on the go haha.
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Baby Ktans carrier is amazing!

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Ideally go to a sling library near you. You can try different ones there, hire them for a few pounds for a week to road test them before committing to one and potentially making an expensive mistake. The wrap/ sling/ carrier you like may change as baby gets older.

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I have a hana wrap and love it. It does slip down a lot and I'm not sure whether that's how I'm tying it. I've got a tula but haven't used it yet.

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I loved my ringsling & then used a buckle carrier when mine were bigger (Tula, Ergo, etc). The wraps were just to much work on the go for me.

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