Poo and mucus

For the last week my little boy has had these poops 5-6 times a day. He literally farts and this comes out. Really stringy. His bum is so sore from wiping him all the time. I’m putting so much cream on him and letting him have some free nappy time. But how long do I wait to see someone? I don’t want to rush to the doctors because I think they think I ring all the time. He seems fine within himself but his bum is really sore, and his nappies are just stringy. This nappy was literally half an hour after I’ve just cleaned up his bum for the exact same thing. He’s eating and drinking (not much as I’d like but plenty of wet nappies)
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Aw bless him 😢 sounds like something is upsetting his stomach. Is there something he's been eating that's different this week? My boy tends to have 1/2 a day and a few hours apart but every baby is different!

@Eleanor he only used to have 1 a day, but he’s been going to the childminders and having lunches there. So he’s had lots of new foods x

There is something going around at the moment, we all had diarrhoea for a few days so hopefully it’ll pass soon. If not, when our little girl is teething we know by her bum/nappies. She has really bad flare ups downstairs and extremely runny poos, not sure if it could be the same for your little boy x

@Lucy his bum is super super sore! I thought it was my fault because I don’t use cream on his bum after every nappy change but we never have done, he’s never had any issues really. So I’ve felt guilty about it xx

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